Monday, August 31, 2015

The Bridge of Praetor Ji'ana's Flagship

((Click to view larger)) Some of the bridge crew of the R.R.W. Hvei'khenn'Uirae

Every bridge officer is wearing 23rd century Romulan uniforms.  Going clockwise from the far left are:
erei'Riov t'Veril, Riov Satra, Shadowcat Badkitty (not part of the bridge crew, but the Praetor's Huntress), erei'Riov Belath (barely visible in the chair behind Shadowcat), Praetor Ji'ana of the Tal'Diann, Riov Tovan tr'Khev, erei'Riov Korala (at the far right in back), and erei'Riov Aeris (at the helm up front and slightly to the left)

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