Monday, April 11, 2016

Tal'Diann Celebration of Republic Day, 2016-04-10

Eitreih'vauthil s'Kre'dhhokh Mol'Rihanai
Festival of the New-Romulan Republic's Victory
(Republic Day)

April 5 is the officially stated date for "Republic Day" according to Cryptic Studios. However, we have so far had only one officially-sponsored/sanctioned PWE/Cryptic Republic Day event, the year before last, and no indication was given that the event would be run officially this year, on the fifth or any other date. As such, the Tal'Diann took it upon ourselves to host a celebration of Eitreih'vauthil s'Kre'dhhokh Mol'Rihanai (Festival of the New-Romulan Republic's Victory) on Sunday evening, the 10th of April, which was scheduled to run for only two hours, but actually went on well past that duration.

The Music for the Festival

The festivities began in orbit of ch'Mol'Rihan (New Romulus) with a fireworks display, and then moved to the Staging Area with a dance party, followed by a number of contests and games with prizes, and then returned to orbit for a few more contests.

A scene from the early portion of the celebrations on the surface

A good time was had by all (including our resident curmudgeon, who naturally refused to admit it).  We had a number of guests from other fleets, including a couple of our Beta fleets, -Singularity Core- and the Imperial Union of Planets, and some of our friends from Project Trident and Argo.  We will repeat the event in the future should there be no official celebration again, although with some lessons learned from this year's event.

Thanks to all who turned out to make this event a success!

Thiichu Khreh'dhhokh Mol'Rihan u'Mol'Rihannsu!
Long live the New-Romulan Republic and the New-Romulans!