Sunday, June 28, 2015

Introductory Ceremony for Eitreih'Okhala s'Tal'Diann, 2015

The celebrants wore robes for the ceremony, all in black or primarily black Senatorial robes, with the exceptions of Kara, whose Senatorial robe was in the blue and silver of Hfihar s'Charvon, and Ji'ana, who wore a primarily grey Praetorian robe.

The Celebrants of the Ceremony at the Opening of the Festival

"You, Okhala, shining in your glory through the days, are brought
to life from out the waters, from the stone;
From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, you,
brightening the dark night, are generated pure."

"Okhala, Elemental Fire in every form,
honored in every manifestation
-- sun, lightning, earth, fire --
venerated as the spark of life in all of growth."

"Through Okhala we gained wealth,
satisfying even day by day,
through Okhala we traveled the Star Road,
and found light in the darkness."

"Bring reverence to Okhala,
foe-destroyer, true to Law,
illuminator of darkness,
stirring our hearts with vigor."

"Okhala of glorious splendor,
feeder of the hungry,
fierce avenger,
shining in fight."

"Okhala, house-friend, rich in food,
giver of safety, warmth of the hearth,
aid to the student and the scholar,
refuge and shelter from the cold."

"May our houses be ever without fail with flame,
Give us, Okhala, abundant nourishment,
guidance on our paths, expanded minds,
understanding continually growing in largeness."

Following the ceremony, the celebrations began, with music and dance.

The start of the festivities

The celebration continues.
Some of the Festivites (that's Praetor Ji'ana dancing on the bar)

Thanks to all our friends and allies, particularly the large contingent from the Federation's 26th Fleet, for their attendance and their help in making this event memorable.  Even those who consumed rather copious amounts of Kheh'irho were impressed enough to have at least some memory of the event.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Legacy Cannot Be Lost to Villains!

"What we knew ... is gone. Our home, our lives, all that we were ... Dust! Blasted across empty, heartless skies... "But we live! Our legacy lives! Within every ship we fly, upon every world we touch! In our hearts, in yours! "There will be challenge, you will know fear! But you will overcome! You will survive! And answer vengeance with blood! "You will do as you must! Rule cannot be handed to the faithless! Our legacy cannot be lost to villains! Bury the past to face the future! In enemies, find allies! "There is no price we have not paid! No loss we have not felt! Our dead world! Our long suffering! "These are not ends! We are not ended! For your crew, for your people, for this new home! "We must face all doubt! We must break the strong who would destroy us! We must overcome the impossible! We must fight, against any, and all! "We must, we will! For
WE ... ARE ... ROMULAN!"

-- Temer

Temer, Riov s'Kreh'dhhokh Rihanai

Apply to the Tal'Diann and fight for Romulan and Reman freedom against the faithless villains.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Duty of Freedom

The Star Empire talks a lot about the duty of a Romulan, by which they mean obedience to the government.  The Tal'Diann says something else about the duty of a Romulan ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oko-Mekh, na ri'Nouhha Lleisetai

"Hwyej'e, Shiar ih'Saeihr, temuihvu khaei!" chaetoi Rii,
Sa'duhhusen ih'iurret.  "Legare'e Rhhaevha ehraetir khaei, aaithir khaei,
Aetheaar ih'naehnar khaei rheis'enh aennher lleis'ev,
Aaithir u'oaifverir ehhiten crycae'erien.
Hfaeii eletir, lli'ei'krihin, mniet'eriin mh'hvei'khennai, Rhhaevha.
Rhhae lhaerrh liorae rhham hhaehh-ahi itaeruvha isaehj'eyvha!"

-- Oko-Mekh, na ri'Nouhha Lleisetai

"Keep, Star Empire, your betrayal!" cries She,
With silent lips. "Give Me your tired, your poor,
Your crowded assemblies aching to breathe free,
The rejected and wretched ones of your filled surfaces.
Send these, the homeless, thrown by storm, to Me,
I lift my light next to the golden door!"

-- The Honored Mother, the Goddess of Freedom

((In honor of the 140th anniversary of the arrival of the statue of the Goddess Libertas in the US))

Saturday, June 13, 2015

We go around to defend home.

Some critics of the leadership of Proconsul D'Tan
seized on Romulan Republic Forces being involved
in the Delta Expedition and the Delta Alliance
as yet another opportunity to defame his character
and insult his intelligence.  Such smear campaigns
have been common from the foes of freedom.

We have learned, however,
how prudent such actions were,
after uncovering the involvement
of the Ikonnsu in stirring up trouble
in the Delta Quadrant,
and finally experiencing
direct attacks by the Ikonnsu
and their minions
on our homeworlds
in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

We no longer live in the relative safety of the past.
A new age approaches rapidly.
The night has fallen,
and it has been a very dark night so far,
but dawn follows night,
if we resist the darkness
in all of its hidden crevices,
no matter how far from our homes
those crevices may be.

The Tal'Diann has been a part
of the Delta Alliance and the Delta Expedition.
We have been vigilant
in the defense of our homeworlds
and have built relationships with allies,
going to their aid and defense.
These relationships have not been one-sided,
for they have come
to our aid and defense as well.

Around the clock, we have stood guard
over our homes
and taken the fight to our enemies' very doorsteps.
We are the Tal'Diann,
and we will not be enslaved,
nor suffer the enslavement of our people.
With our final breaths,
we will spit defiance at our would-be overlords,
and take as many of them with us as we can.

We are the Tal'Diann.
Maybe you can be one of us.
Apply today
and stand against
the demons of air and darkness,
for all we hold dear back home.

We are
the Tal'Diann.

The caption in the poster above is borrowed, with great respect and admiration, from the US Navy.

Friday, June 12, 2015

In Memoriam: Telrine i'Mnaeha t'Vrinak, 2376 - 2410

mh'Hnahfvierai Fvillhum s'Ji'ana s'Tal'Diann
(From the Office of Praetor Ji'ana of the Tal'Diann)

One of the saddest duties which befalls a Commanding Officer is contemplating what to say when one of her or his subordinate officers is killed in action.  The matter is all the more complicated when the action was a covert operation classified at "Confidential" level or higher.  The Commanding Officer may not, however, shirk this duty, any more than the subordinate officer shirked the duty to secure the objectives of the operation which led to death.  Such a shirking of responsibility would dishonor the memory of one who gave her or his life for the defense of the people protected by the military branch over which the Commanding Officer has authority.  No greater sacrifice can be given in the defense of a people and their liberty than one's very life.  Those who lay down their lives for such noble goals deserve better, all the more when they knew that the chance of death was high or even certain.  And when the Commanding Officer has to order such a mission, knowing of the high probability or even certainty of the death of even one person sent on the mission, the complexities involved in deciding what to say approach misery.  Unfortunately for all concerned, I knew that the chance of death on a recent mission was so probable as to be near certain, and I had no choice but to order the mission.  Could I have gone myself, I would have.  The reasons for this have been classified "Above Top Secret" by the office of the Proconsul, and with my full agreement, not to protect myself, but because they merit such classification for the security of the Republic.

Telrine i'Mnaeha t'Vrinak was a young Romulan woman who suffered much due to the excesses and corruption of the Tal'Shiar and the Romulan Star Empire.  She eventually found her way to the Tal'Diann and her sister and the man she loved and soon after married.  Her past, however, haunted her, for she had been implanted with mind control devices by the Tal'Shiar and consequently was made to do many horrible things.  I reviewed her record and absolved her of any guilt by Praetorian Edict, but she continued to have difficulty forgiving herself.  Nevertheless, Telrine enrolled in the Lasasam s'Tal'Diann and focused her studies in Military Intelligence, determined to make amends for her past.  She was given early graduation from the Lasasam s'Tal'Diann (the Academy of the Tal'Diann) when she was but an Eredh'Riov (Cadet Commander), received a commission all the way to the rank of erei'Riov (Subcommander) in the Tal'Diann, was assigned to the arifv Siu'Tlarum (Division of Temporal Intelligence), and was sent into the past on a mission to preserve the timeline.  The exact details of her mission are classified "Top Secret," but the fact that Temporal Intelligence is a division of the Military Intelligence Wing of the Tal'Diann is not.  She was not sent alone, but she chose to give her life in order to secure the objectives of the mission and to protect the lives of her subordinate officers.  In this, she fulfilled the very essence of what it means to be a military officer, for every officer has these two duties in a mission:  to secure the objectives of the mission and to protect her or his personnel.  The general objectives of the mission involved, among other things, the destruction of two warbirds.  One was successfully destroyed with relatively minimal challenge.  The other warbird's self-destruct was offline and the team was quickly running out of time.  erei'Riov t'Vrinak could have sought for some other means to destroy the warbird.  She could have ordered her team to see to it and saved herself.  She instead chose expedience to ensure that the objectives were secured, and chose to slip the safeties manually herself, having already set the time shuttle holding her team to return to the present, thus ensuring the protection of her personnel.  Her final words were:

Tell them not to mourn me too much. I did what I must for the good of our people. In death's name I salute you.  Remember my name in your heart. 

Her family has already been informed;  their names are withheld to protect their privacy.  In recognition of her sacrifice, her loyalty, her devotion to the freedom and liberation of our peoples, Telrine i'Mnaeha t'Vrinak is posthumously promoted to khre'Riov (with full pension, to be paid to her daughter in accord with her final will and testament) by my personal order.  She is also posthumously awarded the New Romulan Republic Grey Heart with Green Rreinnte Leaf Cluster, the Republic Star of Lleiset, the Republic Medal of Valor, the New Romulus Defense Star, the Lasasam s'Tal'Diann Distinguished Alumna Crescent, the Tal'Diann Military Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the Tal'Diann Military Intelligence Medal of Valor, and the Tal'Diann Temporal Intelligence Medal of Honor with Stars.

All Republic decorations listed were recommended by myself and her immediate superior, the Chief of the Temporal Intelligence Division of the Tal'Diann, and approved by Proconsul D'Tan, the New Romulan Republic Continuing Committee, and the Senate of the New Romulan Republic.  The Lasasam s'Tal'Diann decoration was awarded by the Chancellor of the Tal'Diann Academy, Jisit ir'Virinat t'Prell, and the Tal'Diann decorations were awarded by myself, Ji'ana t'Charvon, Praetor and Fleet Admiral of the Tal'Diann and Chief of New Romulan Military Intelligence, and her immediate superior, Jenova t'Charvon, Chief of the Division of Temporal Intelligence of the Military Intelligence Wing of the Tal'Diann.

The gratitude and condolences of the Republic and the Tal'Diann and its Academy go out to her and her Hfihar.  My own tears join those of her family.  Her name will be inscribed in the Headquarters of the Tal'Diann as an example of the devotion to the Republic and the freedom of its people which we seek to emulate.

khre'Riov Telrine i'Mnaeha t'Vrinak, Heroine of the Republic, 2376-2410

Tal'Diann Military Intelligence Medal of Valor ribbon

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Join Us for Eitreih'Okhala, the Festival of Fire

Hann'yyo, Triana.  Thanks, Triana.

The people of ch'Mol'Rihan (New Romulus) celebrate Eitreih'Okhala (the Festival of Elemental Fire) this year on 27 June 2410 (in the reckoning of the Terrhasu).  In the midst of war, we do not forget who we are, nor abandon our culture.  The Tal'Diann will host -- and guard -- the celebration this year, in a special venue on Risa, in conjunction with the Risian Lohlunat Festival.  Join us for lyhorin (jumbo Romulan mollusks), viinerine (a traditional Romulan food), roast travitghanir ih'sraesir (meatrolls), seskethir ih'osolir (osol twists), and of course, generous amounts of kheh'irho (Romulan ale), wines, and kali-fal, as well as music and dance, and all the attractions of Risa and the Risian Lohlunat Festival,  Recruiters will also be on hand for those who aspire to join our ranks.