Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ordinary or Extraordinary? Choose.


Do you wish to be ordinary,
or do your passions stir you to be extraordinary?

Would you like to swab the decks of a minor Federation vessel
on patrol in some backwater system?

How about being cannon fodder for the Klingon Empire
in a rusty and outdated battle cruiser,
does that sound like something worthy of those who march beneath the Raptor's Wings?

Do you relish being distrusted and exploited,
sent into battle and giving your lifeblood
in order to further the expansion of a foreign empire?

Do you yearn to be tolerated
as your cultural identity
is gradually erased and replaced
by programming in the sterility of uniformity
preferred by a foreign government which gives lip-service to diversity,
but fears diversity so much that it seeks to spread its own values throughout the galaxy?

Would you be a nail? Or would you be the hammer?
Would you be a ground-bound targ
grovelling at the feet of grasping and avaricious conquerors,
or would you be a Raptor soaring through the stars?
Would you spread the sanitized homogeneity of blandness,
or would you carry moonbeams home in a jar and be better off than you are?

Do you wish to be ordinary in the service of a foreign power,
or do your passions stir you to be extraordinary for your own people?

The Tal'Diann seeks the extraordinary to fill our ranks. Be extraordinary. Be Tal'Diann.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flags of the Tal'Diann

daihl Fvillhum u'galae'Enriovai s'Tal'Diann (Flag of the Praetor and Fleet Admiral of the Tal'Diann)

daihl Hmnialai Fvillhum s'Tal'Diann (Flag of the Hmnial of the Praetor of the Tal'Diann)

daihl Khoilmnriirai Hwyejhaien s'Tal'Diann (Flag of the Commandant of Holdings of the Tal'Diann)

daihl khre'Enriovai s'Tal'Diann (Flag of an Admiral of the Tal'Diann)

daihl Enriovai s'Tal'Diann (Flag of a Vice Admiral of the Tal'Diann)

daihl s'Tal'Diann (Flag of the Tal'Diann)

Last updated:  2017-05-09

Tlheiin Khreinir u'Dyyhtiin (General Orders and Regulations)

s'Kreh'dhhokh Mol'Rihanai
Tlheiin Khreinir u'Dyyhtiin
of the New Romulan Republic
General Orders & Regulations)
Established 2400;  Revised 2410

General Order Number 1 (The Motto and Prime Directive of the Tal'Diann):
ahr'Lleiset mnhei'sahe mnei.  Our chief governing passion is Freedom.

General Order Number 2:
Tal'Diann personnel serve the people of the New Romulan Republic.

General Order Number 3:
Tal'Diann personnel are guardians of freedom and the New Romulan way of life.

General Order Number 4:
Tal'Diann officers have two duties in any mission:  a. to secure the mission objectives and b. to protect their subordinate officers and enlisted personnel.

General Order Number 5:
Tal'Diann personnel are faithful to the Tal'Diann Oath.

General Order Number 6:
Tal'Diann personnel are challenged frequently with ethical dilemmata.  Having the intestinal fortitude to make tough decisions without violating mnhei'sahe, and knowledge of the ideals of the New Romulan Republic, enables Tal'Diann personnel to meet ethical dilemmata with decisions which are consistent with the values of the Tal'Diann.  Regardless of the situations in which Tal'Diann personnel find themselves, their decisions are consistent with the norms of the Tal'Diann.

General Order Number 7:
As leaders in the Romulan Republic Forces, Tal'Diann personnel must be obedient to doing the right thing at all times, even if it means disobeying the unjust order of a superior officer.  As leaders, Tal'Diann personnel must continue to set the example for others to follow, and must continue to maintain their integrity to mnhei'sahe.

General Order Number 8:
Tal'Diann personnel have obligations to the highest standards of performance and accountability to high ethical standards.  All Tal'Diann personnel must be the living embodiment of the Tal'Diann Ethic.

General Order Number 9:
For Tal'Diann personnel, it is not enough to win a battle or a war;  Tal'Diann personnel must also win in a manner that is consistent with the values of the New Romulan Republic and the principles of their cause.

General Order Number 10:
Tal'Diann personnel do not accept defeat.  When taken captive by a hostile force, Tal'Diann personnel must seek out any opportunity to engage the assailant.  Tal'Diann personnel will never leave a fallen comrade behind.

General Order Number 11:
Tal'Diann personnel will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the New Romulan Republic, the Tal'Diann, their unit, and other Soldiers.

General Order Number 12:
Tal'Diann personnel fulfill their obligations.

General Order Number 13:
Tal'Diann personnel treat people as they should be treated in accord with mnhei'sahe.

General Order Number 14:
Tal'Diann personnel put the freedom and welfare of the Republic and its citizens, and the welfare of the Tal'Diann, before their own.

General Order Number 15:
Tal'Diann personnel live up to all the values of the Tal'Diann.

General Order Number 16:
Tal'Diann personnel do what is right, legally and ethically.

General Order Number 17:
Tal'Diann personnel do not flee from fear, danger, or adversity (physical or moral), but rise to face them.

General Order Number 18:
Tal'Diann personnel guard everything within the limits of their posts, and may quit their posts only when properly relieved.

General Order Number 19:
No flag officer of the Tal'Diann shall beam into a hazardous area without armed escort.

General Order Number 20:
A command officer (Riov or higher rank) of the Tal'Diann will not engage a hostile force without the protection of a security officer, an engineer, a science officer, and a medical officer.

General Order Number 21:
On the approach of any vessel, when communications have not been established, a Tal'Diann warbird must go to yellow alert.

General Order Number 22:
If the dominant species of a planet be actively hostile toward the Republic and actually pose a clear and present danger to the Republic, and all efforts to achieve non-military resolution have failed, then all life on the said planet is to be eliminated by means of thalaron radiation or, if necessary, the destruction of the entire planet.

General Order Number 23:
The Tal'Diann has the authority to neutralize security threats to ch'Mol'Rihan by any means necessary.

Regulation Number 1:
Section A:  In the absence of the assigned commander of a warbird of the Tal'Diann, a flag officer of the Tal'Diann has the authority to assume command of the vessel, should they have deemed it necessary.
Section B:  Should it be proven with admissible evidence that the flag officer who has assumed command be medically or psychologically unfit for command, the warbird's ranking officer can relieve them on that basis.  However, such an action is required to be supported by an appropriate certification of unfitness by the ship's Chief Medical Officer (requiring the CMO to also produce test results to that effect) or other clear evidence, such as an act of attempted suicide.

Regulation Number 2:
As a last resort for the commander of a Tal'Diann warbird to prevent their ship and/or crew from falling into enemy hands, the commander may engage the self-destruct mechanism.

Regulation Number 3:
In the event of imminent destruction, a Tal'Diann warbird commander is authorized to preserve the lives of her/his crew by any justifiable means.

Regulation Number 4:
If transmissions are being monitored during battle, no uncoded messages are to be transmitted on an open channel.

Regulation Number 5:
If a warbird is cloaked and in range of hostile vessels, no radio communications may be transmitted.

Regulation Number 6:
A Tal'Diann officer must consider herself or himself under arrest, unless in the presence of the most senior fellow officers presently available, the officer give satisfactory answer to the charges against her/him.

Regulation Number 7:
In a combat situation involving more than one warbird of the Tal'Diann, command falls to the vessel with tactical superiority, should there not be a higher ranking officer present.

Regulation Number 8:
All away teams must report to the bridge at least once every 24 hours.

Regulation Number 9:
Tal'Diann personnel involved in temporal incidents are required to take all necessary precautions to minimize any participation in historical events.

Regulation Number 10:
The commanding officer must relieve herself or himself of command if her/his current mission leaves her/him emotionally compromised and unable to make rational decisions.

Regulation Number 11:
The Chief Medical Officer has the authority to relieve an officer or crewman of his or her duties (including one of superior rank) if, in the CMO's professional judgment, the individual is medically unfit, compromised by an alien intelligence, or otherwise exhibits behavior that indicates seriously impaired judgment. A Tal'Diann officer can face court martial for failing to submit to such a relief.

Regulation Number 12:
Tal'Diann personnel are, in the fulfillment of their missions, authorized to wear civilian clothing, carry unusual personal weapons, transport and possess prohibited items, pass into restricted areas, and requisition equipment of all types including weapons and vehicles.

Regulation Number 13:
The use of thalaron weapons is authorized in space combat only, and only against military opponents or adversaries which do not make distinctions between military and civilian targets, except in the application of General Order Number 22.

Regulation Number 14:
A civilian target is an impermissible target, except in case of defense (defense here includes the application of General Order Number 22).  Members of the political class of an enemy power are not considered to be civilians, but all effort must be exerted to take such persons alive and captive, unless orders to the contrary have been issued.

Regulation Number 15:
No officer or enlisted person of the Tal'Diann may hold another sentient being as a slave.

Regulation Number 16:
Code 14 transmissions are only for the eyes of the commander of a Tal'Diann warbird, and all traces of a Code 14 transmission or communication are automatically wiped from all computer records of the warbird.

Regulation Number 17:
Code 23 transmissions are only for the eyes of members of the Steering Committee of the Tal'Diann, and may be preserved only in private computers unconnected to any network until and unless they are declassified.