Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hdrael G-14 s'Tal'Diann (Starbase G-14 of the Tal'Diann)

Hdrael G-14 s'Tal'Diann
Starbase G-14 of the Tal'Diann

Jolan'tru, rhadai galaen s'Tal'Diann u'pinherein.
(Hello, people of the fleet of the Tal'Diann and guests.)

Inspired by the work of one of the fleets within the Federation's Starfleet (the 26th Fleet), the Tal'Diann has opened one of our starbases, Tal'Diann Starbase G-14, to personnel from other KDF-allied fleets of the New Romulan Republic, as well as personnel from the fleets of our allies in the KDF, for purposes of R&R, social interaction, resupplying vessels, medical treatment, and other activities which can be undertaken on the starbase.

Iurrhi'u hdraelevha s'Tal'Diann.
Come to the starbase of the Tal'Diann.

*~-._ Our public docking frequency is: _.-~*

Rules, Guidelines, and Customs:

All persons who come to Tal'Diann Starbase G-14 are within their rights to bear weapons openly (Romulan culture has traditionally engaged in the bearing of personal weapons even into situations which some other societies might regard as inappropriate for the bearing of weapons, such as diplomatic summits and the like).

(( OOC:  Certain behaviors will not be tolerated on our starbase or in any other holding of our fleet.  For the most part, the behaviors in question can be avoided by judicious use of common sense, courtesy, and discernment.  A few examples follow:
  •  Public ERP ("Erotic Role Play") is not welcome aboard our starbase (this does not include romance or public displays of affection, which are completely acceptable, but is intended rather to refer to only the more explicit sorts of intimacy).  We do not wish to rain on your parade nor promote puritanical or Victorian attitudes pertaining to wholly natural and healthy desires and behavior, so if you simply cannot resist the charms of another person or persons on the starbase, please first make sure that all involved are of legal age (for your own safety), and then take such activity to the ship of one of the persons involved, out of courtesy to others who may not wish to bear witness to it.  Frankly, what you do privately, as long as it involves consenting adults only, is nobody's business but those involved, and we do not care to know what sorts of things you get up to in your private quarters.  Hdrael G-14 s'Tal'Diann is neither a brothel nor an hourly-rate motel.
  •  Hate Speech and other demonstrations of bigotry are subject to a zero-tolerance policy, and no warning will be issued before ejection from the starbase and banning from the channel.  Please do not test this;  you WILL be ejected and banned, and reported to PWE Staff.
  •  While "colorful language" (what some call "profanity") is not prohibited, please avoid excessive use of such.
  •  Harassment of any kind is prohibited.  Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player, or group of players, to harm or inconvenience them. As harassment can take many forms, it will be the mandate of the personnel of the High Command of the Tal'Diann to make a determination as to whether or not a 'reasonable person' would feel harassed and act accordingly. 
  •  Use of disco balls and/or unmelting snowballs against players engaged in the Nerve Tonic Dance will be regarded as a form of harassment, and dealt with accordingly.

In most cases, a warning will be given before any other action is taken against anyone (although there are exceptions such as the use of hate speech, for which we have a zero-tolerance policy, as noted above).  We will make every effort to maintain a safe haven for RPers, and I have every confidence in the personnel of our Fleet High Command to be successful at this endeavor.  Should any visitor to our starbase feel that they have been subjected to unwanted behavior, please contact any member of our fleet High Command (see below for the High Command Roster) via PM or in-game mail. ))

One (and only one) chair near the hearth in the starbase bar is reserved for the galae'Enriov, and if you sit there, you will be asked to move, whether the galae'Enriov be present on the starbase at the time or not.  Fleet personnel can inform visitors of which chair this is, if this seating chart be not clear enough.  In addition, certain officers of Tal'Diann High Command are entitled to certain other chairs near the hearth when they are present on the starbase (as indicated in the same seating chart).  They are within their rights to occupy those chairs at will, because they have earned such an honor.  Please respect our customs in this matter, and surrender your chair should one of these officers request that you do so.


We also stipulate the following terms and restrictions:
  •  Eibhulir (Tribbles), although permitted on Starbase G-14, are to be kept away from any and all food and/or drink (failure to comply with this stipulation will be regarded as eco-terrorism, and guilty parties will be thrown in the starbase brig awaiting Courts-Martial under a Tribunal of Tal'Diann High Command personnel), and must be kept well away from our Klling'hann personnel and guests.
  •  Abuse of our public docking frequency ((spamming etc.)) will result in being banned from the channel.
  •  Use of the Rihan language on the starbase, while not required, is welcome and encouraged.
  •  As a fleet of the New Romulan Republic, our personnel will take a dim view of Romulan Star Empire loyalists and sympathizers (if their allegiance be known prior to, or be made known during, docking requests, they will not be invited to the starbase;  if their allegiance should become known after gaining access to the starbase, they will be asked to leave, and refusal to comply will result in forcible ejection from the starbase).
  •  Tal'Shiar personnel may be shot on sight  (will not be invited to the starbase if their affiliation with the Tal'Shiar be made known prior to, or during, docking requests, they will not be invited to the starbase, and if their affiliation with the Tal'Shiar should become known after docking, the probability of them being executed without trial ((unceremoniously ejected from the starbase)) by any Officer, member of Command, or member of High Command of the Tal'Diann is near 100%);  you have been warned.


For the universal rules of the Open Starbase Project, please consult this briefing.

Current Active-Duty Personnel of the Tal'Diann Steering Committee:

Current Steering Committee Personnel (Officers of the High Command) of the Tal'Diann on active duty are listed here.

For Further Reference:

Some additional information is available in this briefing and in this listing.

Thiich'u Khreh'dhhokh Mol'Rihan u'Mol'Rihannsu!
(Long live the New Romulan Republic and the New Romulans!)

Ahr'lleiset na mnhei'sahe hachaen lamne'elh s'Rihan u's'Havran.
The central mnhei'sahe (ruling passion) of the collective Romulan and Reman psyche is freedom.