Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fed-Allied Tal'Diann, take 3

We have returned the level 8 fleet to those who gifted it to us due to various developments.  The formerly-named "Lasasam s'Tal-Diann" is now "Tal-Diann."

I renamed the level 8 fleet back to what it had been, took our names and info out of it, kicked our people out of it, took the stuff our people put into the fleet bank (at least as much as I could hold, so some things -- mostly lockboxes -- were left behind), and removed myself.

Those who were in that fleet are being added back to our original Fed-allied fleet as I find them online.  One of the two people who had put stuff into the fleet bank of the level 8 fleet has gotten her stuff back.  The other will get his stuff back as soon as I catch him online.  (Update, 2014-11-11-am:  His stuff has now been returned to him.)

Nothing was taken which our people did not put in, and no harm was done to the level 8 fleet;  we are not going to engage in insulting or otherwise being offensive to the former khre'Enriov, Velarius.  His friend who disrespected us (and myself personally), whom some knew as "Charmer," was removed by khre'Enriov Spasssky from our main KDF-allied fleet for these acts of disrespect, and Velarius chose to leave the main KDF-allied fleet in solidarity with his friend (be advised:  those who wish to insult "Charmer" are not restricted from doing so).  I would not attempt to retain the level 8 fleet after this, but restored it to those who had it before it was given to us.  As I have said before, "Our people are warriors, often savage, but we are also many other pleasant things."  For example, we are honorable and ethical, and therefore we would not take advantage of someone's generosity, nor will we hold a grudge against someone like Velarius, who did so much for our fleets in the past.  However, any military aggression from him against our fleets or personnel, in the context of his service to his current fleet, will be dealt with accordingly.

This is Official, from myself as Fvillhu u'galae'Enriov s'Tal'Diann.  Witness my signature, style, title, and character below, as indication of the Official nature of this communication: