Udtir Galaen s'Tal'Diann (Ranks of the Fleet of the Tal'Diann)

Udtir Galaen s'Tal'Diann
Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann Fleet Ranks

For the present time, the official ranks of our fleet (which have nothing to do with your rank in the Romulan Republic Forces Star Navy) are as follows (with United Federation of Planets rank equivalents in parentheses).

Recruit - Erein / Ensign (Ensign)
10,000 - Enarrain / Senior Centurion (Lieutenant Commander, more or less -- see below)
100,000 - Riov / Commander (Fleet Captain -- see below)
500,000 - khre'Riov / Commander-General (Commodore)
Enriov / Senior Commander (Vice Admiral)
khre'Enriov / Senior Commander-General (Admiral)
galae'Enriov / Fleet Senior Commander (Fleet Admiral)

The numbers shown for the ranks from Enarrain to khre'Riov indicate the total contribution to fleet holdings required for promotion to the rank in question (be advised:  these requirements have recently been increased and will likely change again in the future, but those who earn their fleet rank before the change will not be demoted after the change).

For higher ranks, additional considerations are involved.  Those who have the fleet rank of Enriov or above are considered to be part of the Raenasa s'Tal'Diann (High Command of the Tal'Diann);  any of them who have a specific office in the fleet are members of the Eireth Nodaire'enh (Steering Committee).  Those who hold the fleet rank of khre'Enriov are considered to be members of the Ekhiel Fvillhum (Praetor's Council), which has two active members and two alternates, plus the Fvillhu herself.  Only one Fvillhu u' galae'Enriov exists for the Tal'Diann (and one for the Tal-Diann) at present, and I have no plans to change this.

Be aware also that our rank system is limited by the game mechanics:  currently, only seven fleet ranks are available due to the coding of the game.  Without those limitations, our ranks would be more like the following (and we do in fact use this ranking system for RP):

erei'Erein / Subensign (Midshipman)
Erein / Ensign (Ensign)
khre'Erein / Ensign-General (Lieutenant, Junior Grade)
erei'Arrain / Subcenturion (Lieutenant)
Arrain / Centurion (Lieutenant Commander)
Enarrain / Senior Centurion (no equivalent)
khre'Enarrain / Senior Centurion-General (no equivalent)
erei'Riov / Subcommander (Commander)
Riov / Commander (Captain, formerly also Fleet Captain)
Ael'Riov / Wing Commander (Fleet Captain)
khre'Riov / Commander-General (Commodore)
erei'Enriov / Sub-Senior Commander (Rear Admiral)
Enriov / Senior Commander (Vice Admiral)
khre'Enriov / Senior Commander-General (Admiral)
galae'Enriov / Fleet Senior Commander (Fleet Admiral)

For our RP purposes, as distinct from the mechanics of the game (i.e., some of the people holding certain offices may have different fleet ranks by mechanics from what is here indicated), we regard a person in charge of one of the four Wings of the Tal Diann as holding the RP rank of Enriov or higher, a person in charge of one of the divisions of such a Wing as holding the RP rank of erei'Enriov or higher, and a person in charge of one of the departments or corps within such a division as holding the RP rank of khre'Riov or higher.  In addition, a person in charge of a squad or squadron is accorded the RP rank of Ael'Riov or higher.

As to the ranks, "Riov" and "Ael'Riov," and in particular, the rank name "Ael'Riov," this latter is invariably given as meaning "Wing Commander," but in fact, this is incorrect;  the rank does refer to someone who is a "wing commander," but that's not what the rank name means.  "Wing" in Rihan is "vastam" or "aen."  "Aen" refers to the 'wing" of a bird, aircraft, etc.  "Vastam" refers to a military "wing," as a "wing of fighters," and so on.  The actual origin of the rank name, as far as I have been able to discover, was an honor to Ael i-Mhiessan t'Rllaillieu, who eventually became ri'Rhiyrh (Empress).  The name Ael means "winged," not "wing," and the reference is to the wing of a bird or aircraft or the like, not a military wing.  In practice, however, this rank does refer to someone in charge of a "wing" of ships, as noted above.  ((As such, it might well be akin to the discontinued Federation rank "Fleet Captain," but the rank of Riov already had that association as well as "Captain."  In order to resolve this, I am now going to be saying that,)) at one time, Riov was the equivalent of Federation Captain and Fleet Captain, but is now the equivalent of Federation Captain, and Ael'Riov was added to the rank structure to distinguish between a Riov in charge of one vessel, and an Ael'Riov in charge of a wing of vessels, with the new rank named in honor of Ael ri'Rhiyrh, as acknowledging her former role in the Imperial Romulan Star Navy.  Ael was a good Empress, not one of the decadent psychopaths who gradually came to dominate the Imperial Romulan government in later years.  The Tal'Diann sees no need to dispense with the rank or its name (all the less since several of the Raenasa personnel of our organization -- including our Fvillhu u'galae'Enriov -- are relatives of the ri'Rhiyrh in question).

Each fleet within the Romulan Republic Forces Star Navy is commanded by a galae'Enriov (Fleet Admiral), although this rank title may vary from fleet to fleet (for the Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann, the full rank title is Fvillhu u'galae'Enriov, or "Praetor and Fleet Admiral"), and some fleets may have two or more galae'Enriovir.  All fleets within the Romulan Republic Forces are under the direction of New Romulus Star Command, with the exception of the Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann, whose galae'Enriov, by traditional Romulan custom and logically so due to one wing of the Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann being Military Internal Affairs, answers only to whomever the leader of the Romulan government may be at the time (currently, the person in this position is the Proconsul of the New Romulan Republic, D'Tan).  The head of the Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann, however, does sit on New Romulus Star Command, holding equal rank to the other members.

The Lasasai (Academies) have a slightly different grade structure shared by the two of them (Lasasam s'Tal'Diann and Lasasam s'Tal-Diann), as detailed below:

Recruit - Eredh'Erein / Cadet Ensign (Cadet Ensign)
10,000 - Eredh'Enarrain / Cadet Senior Centurion (Cadet Lieutenant Commander, more or less -- see above)
100,000 - Eredh'Riov / Cadet Commander (Cadet Fleet Captain -- see above)
500,000 - Eneredh / Senior Cadet (Cadet Commodore)
Eneredh'Iridhinen / Senior Cadet Student (Graduate Student / Graduate Assistant / Preceptor)
Vaed'Rehai / Professor (Professor)
Lasasam'Fvillhu / Academy Praetor (Academy Chancellor)

(Induction Ceremony and Tal'Diann Oath revised, 2015-08-30)

Induction Ceremony
(follows the interview, if the applicant is found worthy;  be aware there are very rare exceptions to surrendering citizenship in Klingon Empire / United Federation of Planets and becoming a citizen of the New Romulan Republic;  these are exceptional and determined on a case-by-case policy)

I have one final question for you.

Because of the sensitive nature of much of our work, we require all new cadets/recruits to take an Oath of Loyalty,

binding themselves to our ideals, and swearing allegiance to the New Romulan Republic.

For those who are not RRF personnel, this means that you will be surrendering your citizenship

in the Klingon Empire / United Federation of Planets, and becoming a citizen of the New Romulan Republic.

For those who are RRF personnel, you will be transferring from the New Romulan Star Navy or the Republic Militia, into the Tal'Diann.

However, among our own people, a wide variety of sacred traditions, religions, philosophies, and general worldviews exist.

Obviously, then, not everyone will swear by the same whom or what.

For example, I as a member of The Mother's Weavers, would swear "By the Mother Goddess."

Others might swear "By the Elements."  Others might swear "By the Old Gods."  Others might swear "By the Kir'Shara."

Still others might swear "By the Honor of my House."  Yet others might swear "By my generative organs."  The options are many.

My question to you, then, is:  "By whom or what would you swear such an oath?"

Following the applicant's answer to this question, the Oath is administered.

The Tal'Diann Oath

Raise your left hand and place your right hand over your breast.

Repeat after me ...

"I (state your name in full), forsaking all previous oaths and pledges should they be counter to this one and declaring this oath paramount and above all others,

do solemnly promise and swear to fight the Tal'Shiar and all other enemies of the Republic and seek to undermine them at every opportunity,

to strive for the freedom of the citizens of the New Romulan Republic, to support the New Romulan Republic,

to obey the orders of my superior officers in the Tal'Diann when they do not run counter to the preceding,

and to work for the good of our people, binding myself under no less a penalty than _____ and forfeiture of my life to the executioner appointed by this fleet.

By _____, I so swear."

(There are two blanks, because the penalty may vary from person to person based on their values and beliefs, and because not everyone swears by the same whom or what.)


This is your Oathblade.  Its unbroken form is to serve as a reminder of what you have sworn here today. >>

Bear it with honor and pride, as a(n) _____ of the Tal'Diann. >>

Mind that the sword, if broken, will become only scrap, just as your Oath, if broken, will render you fit for the scrap heap as well. >>

Wear it with your fleet uniform to all official functions of the Fleet or its Academy, unless other instructions have been given.

((The second line will be:
Bear it with honor and pride, as an Officer of the Tal'Diann. >>
Bear it with honor and pride, as a Cadet of the Tal'Diann. >>
depending on the circumstances.))

Flaihhu ch'Rihan!  Flaihhu Virinat! 

Last updated:  2015-08-30.

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