Sunday, October 25, 2015

Eitreih'orheika, Eitreih'Aylhr, u'Eitreih'Qiuu'n

Eitreih'orheika, Eitreih'Aylhr, u'Eitreih'Qiuu'n

The Tal'Diann will host a celebration of the traditional Romulan holidays of Eitreih'orheika (Festival of the Ancestors), Eitreih'Aylhr (Festival of Space), and Eitreih'Qiuu'n (Festival of the Arch-Element) on 6 November 2015, beginning at 7 pm US Eastern Time, 6 pm US Central Time, 5 pm US Mountain Time, 4 pm US Pacific Time, at the bonfire where the "Unauthorized Beach Party" occurs at the Resort on Risa.

All Republic and allied personnel are welcome and invited to attend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Day Party on Risa, Sponsored by

Back to the Future Day Party on Risa,
Sponsored by

Come one, come all, as TrekRadio holds a party in celebration of Back to the Future Day on Risa in STO, with contests and giveaways.  I've already won a nifty temporal-themed (and Back to the Future inspired) DOff:

Get your free Future Flyer Hoverboard in the C-store under the Promotions tab, and come dance.