Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Legacy Cannot Be Lost to Villains!

"What we knew ... is gone. Our home, our lives, all that we were ... Dust! Blasted across empty, heartless skies... "But we live! Our legacy lives! Within every ship we fly, upon every world we touch! In our hearts, in yours! "There will be challenge, you will know fear! But you will overcome! You will survive! And answer vengeance with blood! "You will do as you must! Rule cannot be handed to the faithless! Our legacy cannot be lost to villains! Bury the past to face the future! In enemies, find allies! "There is no price we have not paid! No loss we have not felt! Our dead world! Our long suffering! "These are not ends! We are not ended! For your crew, for your people, for this new home! "We must face all doubt! We must break the strong who would destroy us! We must overcome the impossible! We must fight, against any, and all! "We must, we will! For
WE ... ARE ... ROMULAN!"

-- Temer

Temer, Riov s'Kreh'dhhokh Rihanai

Apply to the Tal'Diann and fight for Romulan and Reman freedom against the faithless villains.

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