Monday, August 24, 2015

ri'Nanov u'Paenhe

ri'Nanov u'Paenhe -- Fvillhu Ji'ana t'Charvon u'Hmnial Fvillhum Karataia t'Charvon
Mother and Daughter -- Praetor Ji'ana t'Charvon and "Praetor's Second" Karataia t'Charvon

(Note:  Hmnial Fvillhum is literally "Aide-de-Camp of the Praetor," but in our organization, "Hmnial Fvillhum" is the title given to the Second-in-Command, who is an Officer Aide-de-Camp [not an Enlisted Aide] and Chief-of-Staff.  In essence, in the Tal'Diann, the Hmnial Fvillhum is the Praetor's t├ínaiste, to borrow an Irish word.)

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