Nodaire vr'Kla'elhvha Dathen ssiun rhaevher galaen s'Tal'Diann (Tal'Diann Fleet Behavior Guide) - version 5.2

Nodaire vr'Kla'elhvha Dathen
((Guide for-Behavior of-Honor))
[Guide for Honorable Behavior]


Jolan'tru i rhaevher s'Tal'Diann.
((Hello to people of-Tal'Diann.))
[Hello to the people of the Tal'Diann.]

Nodaire vr'Kla'elhvha Dathen ssiun rhaevher s'Tal'Diann denae hrrau Aenglish'ri.
((Guide for-Behavior of-Honor for [the] people of-Tal'Diann follows in English.))
[The Guide for Honorable Behavior for the people of the Tal'Diann follows in English.]


Below you will find the guidelines for conduct befitting members of the Tal'Diann.

I. Trolling, Griefing, and/or Harassment, Prohibited. --
Certain fleets in-game have gotten a reputation as "troll fleets," because they go around trying to annoy other players.  Among the things they do for this purpose are:
A. harassment against players who are engaged in the Nerve Tonic dance (the belly dance)
B. using the "dancing griefer ball" repeatedly in areas where players must go to access bank, mail, merchants, mission contacts, etc, or targeting specific players or fleets against whom to use the item
C. spraying Role Players with bug spray and/or fire extinguishers
D. throwing smoke grenades and/or unmelting snowballs at Role Players
E. targeting specific players or fleets to follow around and spam various things at/on them (often by use of ILLEGAL programs which make sound FX of spawning items repeat to the point that they become unbearable)
F. The above list is not complete;  they also do other things in an effort to annoy other players.
G. Some of these acts may seem harmless to some people;  other players may feel differently.
I would not like for the Tal'Diann to get a reputation as a "troll fleet."  It's okay to blow off some steam, occasionally, but making a habit of these sorts of things will not be looked upon favorably.  It's okay to use a disco ball at a dance party or celebration (once any ceremonial aspects are over), of course, but using one to annoy someone is not acceptable.  I'll generally give a warning first, but any reply of disrespect for this fleet or my person will result in immediate expulsion from the Tal'Diann.  Blowing off steam is fine.  Intentionally trying to annoy others is not acceptable.

II. Sexual Harassment, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc., Prohibited. --
Tal'Diann is:
A. an LGBTI-friendly fleet
B. within the context of the Star Trek milieu
C. under command of a woman.
Obviously, then, sexual harassment, sexist or racial or homophobic or transphobic slurs or hate speech, or other examples of bigotry will not be tolerated.  Sexual innuendo is something that happens in almost any sort of social gathering, but there is a line which you should avoid crossing.  Romulan society is characterized by equality of the sexes, and some outsiders from patriarchal societies may even see it as slightly matriarchal (although this would be a misapprehension).  Although there is a history of racist tendencies among the Romulans of the TNG era, we are Humans in our real lives and any expression of real world racism will not be tolerated.  As we are an LGBTI-friendly fleet, certain terms and attitudes will not be tolerated.  Our fleets should be regarded as "safe spaces" for all oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised persons.  I may or may not give a warning for violations of this policy, depending on my mood at the time, but most likely I won't.

III.  "Profanity," "Vulgarity," "Swearing," "Cussing," "Obscenity," Tolerated (within reason and bearing in mind the Terms of Service of PWE). --
"Profanity" (or whatever you may wish to call such "colorful language") does not bother me -- at all.  I am extremely unlikely to take any action against fleet members for the occasional mere use of such language, in itself.    Our labels in the fleet search include "Mature" and not "Family Friendly," so I'm very liberal about this.  But please do not do so excessively, and please be respectful (context and intent are important considerations).

IV. Cheating (as defined by PWE), Exploiting Glitches (as defined by PWE), Hacking, Account Thievery, Illicit Sales (as defined by PWE), Spamming, and Similar Acts, Not Tolerated.

V.  Role-Playing and Use of the Romulan Language within Fleet Chat, Welcome and Encouraged but Not Required.  Our OOC channel should be treated as OOC.  Our own RP channels should be treated as IC.  Our Fleet channels are relaxed;  you may be IC or OOC there, and it's usually obvious which you are doing, but if anyone has any doubts, they may pose an OOC inquiry and you should give an OOC answer.  Also, unless the word or phrase is rather commonly-used among us, if you say something in Rihan, you should offer an English translation along with the original.

VI. Fleet Uniform with Fleet Patch, Required. --
You must have at least one approved Fleet uniform (the Class A Uniform Type 3 is the standard) with the Fleet Emblem attached, and the wearing of such a uniform is encouraged at any fleet event along with your Oathblade (High Command personnel have a different sword to wear).  The Fleet Emblem combines a Romulan Raptor with an ICID symbol, as shown below, based on the Monument to Spock on ch'Mol'Rihan..

VII. Fleet Ship Emblem, Encouraged. --
We do have a Fleet Emblem which can be added to your ships (in some cases, at least, although not, unfortunately, on Romulan ships, an oversight which I aim to see corrected by the Devs).  While the use of such is not required, it would be very nice if our members took sufficient pride in their membership in our fleet to have the Fleet Emblem displayed on their ships.  The Fleet Emblem combines a Romulan Raptor with the IDIC symbol, as shown below, based on the Monument to Spock on ch'Mol'Rihan.

VIII. Fleet Chat Channel in Active Chat Window, Required --
The mechanics of the game are supposed to add the "Fleet" channel to your default "Chat" window when you join a fleet.  Each fleet has a unique "Fleet" channel.  If you have deleted your default "Chat" window or tab, the "Fleet" channel might not be automatically added to your custom chat windows (although it has never failed to do so for any of my characters).  If you typically have a different chat tab open and the "Fleet" channel is not added to it, you will be expected to do so (and you'll have to add it manually, a process which is relatively easy, but if you do not know how to do this, please ask, and be advised that you can have at least two separate chat windows each with several tabs).  Be aware that violation of this requirement is not likely to result in any disciplinary action, in that you are not forbidden from having a different active chat window open from time to time which does not have the Fleet channel, when you are not feeling particularly social.  We all have our moods, and I understand that, but communication is important to coordinate the building of the fleets up to the status of excellence, so you need to check in to see what's up.  Our OOC channel, however, is where most of our activity occurs;  it is in the OOC channel that we arrange for teams to do PvE queues, storyline missions, and so on, and it is also in the same OOC channel that we remind our members of upcoming events like fleet meetings, fleet RP opportunities, opportunities to learn about Romulan culture and experience something akin to traditional Romulan and Reman cultural celebrations like holidays.

IX. Private Messages Channel in Active Chat Window, Required --
Your default "Chat" window also comes with a channel for Private Messages.  If you have deleted the default "Chat" window or tab or typically use another chat tab which does not have Private Messages channel enabled, you will be expected to add the channel to your active chat window;  Private Messages should always be enabled in at least one active chat window which you have, because, occasionally, I will PM a fleet member to remind them of a Fleet Gathering or for other purposes.  Being part of a fleet involves interaction with other fleet members, or at the very least with the Fleet Command and Fleet High Command.  I do not wish to be overly strict;  our fleet is intended to be somewhat casual, and is not intended to take away from the fun of the game, but we should also not be so relaxed as to be lax.  Therefore, be it resolved that:
If any fleet member (when not in a mission) fails to reply to PMs from me on three separate consecutive occasions (occasions, not individual PMs {for example, I'm not going to kick you if I send you 3 or more PMs in a row on the same occasion without getting a reply unless that is the third consecutive occasion when it happens}, that is, if it happens on three separate but consecutive occasions), that fleet member will be expelled from the fleet, no matter what Fleet Rank they have earned.  I do not relish removing people who have contributed to the fleet, but we must have means of communication which extend beyond the Fleet Mail system (especially since {a} only one Fleet Mail can be sent per day and {b} email inboxes have limited capacity [and some of yours are full] and {c} the mail system in-game has a character limit, which places restrictions on how much I can say in an email, and when this is combined with {a} above, it means I have to condense everything into the most concise form possible, which will unfortunately leave many things unsaid that should be said).
I trust this warning will suffice to rectify things.

X. Although point I above states clearly that intentionally trying to annoy other players is not acceptable, and point III above requests that members be respectful, and those two statements should suffice, making a corollary statement is perhaps necessary.  Respect for your fellow fleet members is something you should maintain at all times.  Snobbery and drama are not welcome in our Fleet channels, Armada channels, or our OOC channel.  I don't care if you think someone is a gibbering idiot;  do not state or imply that in any of those channels (whether that person is present or not).  If we are teamed for a mission or a PvE queue, then it's neither the time nor the place to start tearing into someone for any reason;  save it for after and then take it private.  In addition, note that a distinction exists between "elitist" (snobbish) and "elite" (being competent and knowing what the hell you're talking about).  If you have an issue with someone otherwise and find it impossible to keep it to yourself, then take it private to that someone.  If the issue cannot be resolved in that way, both of you should come to me for mediation.  Finally, take the following to heart:
Trí buirb in betha: óc contibi sen, slán contibi galarach, gáeth contibi báeth.
-- Trecheng Breth Féne, 82
Three rude ones of the world: a youngster mocking an old man, a healthy person mocking an invalid, a wise man mocking a fool.
-- Triads of Ireland, 82
Good-natured ribbing is one thing, but mockery of anyone in any of our fleets will result in my TOS Romulan thigh boot up your butt.  You have been warned.

See also the note on disciplinary action below.

(Induction Ceremony and Tal'Diann Oath revised, 2015-08-30)

Induction Ceremony
(follows the interview, if the applicant is found worthy;  be aware there are very rare exceptions to surrendering citizenship in Klingon Empire / United Federation of Planets and becoming a citizen of the New Romulan Republic;  these are exceptional and determined on a case-by-case policy)

I have one final question for you.

Because of the sensitive nature of much of our work, we require all new cadets/recruits to take an Oath of Loyalty,

binding themselves to our ideals, and swearing allegiance to the New Romulan Republic.

For those who are not RRF personnel, this means that you will be surrendering your citizenship

in the Klingon Empire / United Federation of Planets, and becoming a citizen of the New Romulan Republic.

For those who are RRF personnel, you will be transferring from the New Romulan Star Navy or the Republic Militia, into the Tal'Diann.

However, among our own people, a wide variety of sacred traditions, religions, philosophies, and general worldviews exist.

Obviously, then, not everyone will swear by the same whom or what.

For example, I as a member of The Mother's Weavers, would swear "By the Mother Goddess."

Others might swear "By the Elements."  Others might swear "By the Old Gods."  Others might swear "By the Kir'Shara."

Still others might swear "By the Honor of my House."  Yet others might swear "By my generative organs."  The options are many.

My question to you, then, is:  "By whom or what would you swear such an oath?"

Following the applicant's answer to this question, the Oath is administered.

The Tal'Diann Oath

Raise your left hand and place your right hand over your breast.

Repeat after me ...

"I (state your name in full), forsaking all previous oaths and pledges should they be counter to this one and declaring this oath paramount and above all others,

do solemnly promise and swear to fight the Tal'Shiar and all other enemies of the Republic and seek to undermine them at every opportunity,

to strive for the freedom of the citizens of the New Romulan Republic, to support the New Romulan Republic,

to obey the orders of my superior officers in the Tal'Diann when they do not run counter to the preceding,

and to work for the good of our people, binding myself under no less a penalty than _____ and forfeiture of my life to the executioner appointed by this fleet.

By _____, I so swear."

(There are two blanks, because the penalty may vary from person to person based on their values and beliefs, and because not everyone swears by the same whom or what.)


This is your Oathblade.  Its unbroken form is to serve as a reminder of what you have sworn here today. >>

Bear it with honor and pride, as a(n) _____ of the Tal'Diann. >>

Mind that the sword, if broken, will become only scrap, just as your Oath, if broken, will render you fit for the scrap heap as well. >>

Wear it with your fleet uniform to all official functions of the Fleet or its Academy, unless other instructions have been given.

((The second line will be:
Bear it with honor and pride, as an Officer of the Tal'Diann. >>
Bear it with honor and pride, as a Cadet of the Tal'Diann. >>
depending on the circumstances.))

(Edit:  some new comments added 2014-10-29):

A Note About Disciplinary Action

Tréde conaittig fírinne: mess, tomus, cubus.
  --  Trecheng Breth Féne, 77
Three things which justice demands: judgment, measure, conscience.
  -- Triads of Ireland, 77

Tréde conaittig brethemnas: gáis, féige, fiss.
  -- Trecheng Breth Féne, 78
Three things which judgment demands: wisdom, penetration, knowledge.
  -- Triads of Ireland, 78

Philosophers of every perspective have agreed on at least one thing, and that is the definition of "Knowledge."  The word "Knowledge" is defined as "justified true belief."  That is, for a subject S to believe a proposition P,
S must believe P,
P must be true,
and S must be justified in believing P.
Hearsay evidence is not justification for belief in my book.  Justice requires judgment, measure, and conscience.  Judgment requires wisdom, penetration,and knowledge.  Knowledge requires belief, truth, and justification for belief.  If someone tells me something, that is not in itself justification for belief.  Thus it is not knowledge.  Thus no judgment can be made.  Thus justice is not possible.  Thus it is best to be set aside unless justification for believing it becomes, or is made, available.  Things which have been said which I haven't verified by my own observation, and/or for which there is no corroborating evidence, are best left unsaid.  If I have no evidence other than someone claiming something, then I am unlikely to say anything about it.  Those things are unverified and I take them as such.  I am neither biased nor unjust.  I follow the advice of the Triads of Ireland when it comes to Justice and Judgment (as quoted above).  If I myself have witnessed the matter being complained about, then additional evidence provided will be considered, but my own observation is sufficient for me to know that there is something to a complaint other than pettiness, spite, jealousy, personal dislike, and so on.

In addition, if I find sufficient justification to speak with a member of the fleet concerning complaints which I have received about that person, I will go to that person privately if at all possible (times when expedience are necessary may make private communication impossible), and others (including the accusers) do not get to know what I have said to the person (and in most cases do not even get to know that I have spoken with the person at all) -- although the other members of the Triumvirate(s) will almost always be informed, as they are in the highest council in the fleet(s).  This is also a matter of Justice, for Justice requires "measure" (Old Irish "tomus" means "weighing, measuring, considering"), and inherent in this idea is the ideal of Fairness.  Chastising someone in front of others is often unfair, and therefore unjust, because 1. it is usually unnecessary, 2. it embarrasses the person so treated, and 3. it causes public humiliation -- and none of this is likely to result in reform.

One final note on this matter:  While I also support Compensatory Justice over Retributive Justice, situations among fleet personnel may at times require swift retribution in order to minimize harm, and fines may be too easily refused without a means of enforcing their payment (such as do not exist in the environment in which our fleets exist).  Times may exist, however, when I will levy a fine on someone in one of our fleets, which should be paid to the aggrieved party or parties (through a mediator for verification).  Excessive fines will not be levied.

(End Edit)

I believe these guidelines are fair. If you have any questions, feel free to IM me if I'm in-game, or email me if I'm not.

Flaihhu ch'Rihan!  Flaihhu Virinat! 

galae'Enriov s'Tal'Diann
(Thank you,
Fleet Admiral of Tal'Diann)

Fleet Emblem for the Fleets of the Tal Diann

((Tal'Diann Fleet Behavior Guidelines, Version 5.2,  --  © 2013, 2014, 2015 by SuccubaSuprema.))

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