Saturday, June 13, 2015

We go around to defend home.

Some critics of the leadership of Proconsul D'Tan
seized on Romulan Republic Forces being involved
in the Delta Expedition and the Delta Alliance
as yet another opportunity to defame his character
and insult his intelligence.  Such smear campaigns
have been common from the foes of freedom.

We have learned, however,
how prudent such actions were,
after uncovering the involvement
of the Ikonnsu in stirring up trouble
in the Delta Quadrant,
and finally experiencing
direct attacks by the Ikonnsu
and their minions
on our homeworlds
in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

We no longer live in the relative safety of the past.
A new age approaches rapidly.
The night has fallen,
and it has been a very dark night so far,
but dawn follows night,
if we resist the darkness
in all of its hidden crevices,
no matter how far from our homes
those crevices may be.

The Tal'Diann has been a part
of the Delta Alliance and the Delta Expedition.
We have been vigilant
in the defense of our homeworlds
and have built relationships with allies,
going to their aid and defense.
These relationships have not been one-sided,
for they have come
to our aid and defense as well.

Around the clock, we have stood guard
over our homes
and taken the fight to our enemies' very doorsteps.
We are the Tal'Diann,
and we will not be enslaved,
nor suffer the enslavement of our people.
With our final breaths,
we will spit defiance at our would-be overlords,
and take as many of them with us as we can.

We are the Tal'Diann.
Maybe you can be one of us.
Apply today
and stand against
the demons of air and darkness,
for all we hold dear back home.

We are
the Tal'Diann.

The caption in the poster above is borrowed, with great respect and admiration, from the US Navy.

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