Sunday, June 28, 2015

Introductory Ceremony for Eitreih'Okhala s'Tal'Diann, 2015

The celebrants wore robes for the ceremony, all in black or primarily black Senatorial robes, with the exceptions of Kara, whose Senatorial robe was in the blue and silver of Hfihar s'Charvon, and Ji'ana, who wore a primarily grey Praetorian robe.

The Celebrants of the Ceremony at the Opening of the Festival

"You, Okhala, shining in your glory through the days, are brought
to life from out the waters, from the stone;
From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, you,
brightening the dark night, are generated pure."

"Okhala, Elemental Fire in every form,
honored in every manifestation
-- sun, lightning, earth, fire --
venerated as the spark of life in all of growth."

"Through Okhala we gained wealth,
satisfying even day by day,
through Okhala we traveled the Star Road,
and found light in the darkness."

"Bring reverence to Okhala,
foe-destroyer, true to Law,
illuminator of darkness,
stirring our hearts with vigor."

"Okhala of glorious splendor,
feeder of the hungry,
fierce avenger,
shining in fight."

"Okhala, house-friend, rich in food,
giver of safety, warmth of the hearth,
aid to the student and the scholar,
refuge and shelter from the cold."

"May our houses be ever without fail with flame,
Give us, Okhala, abundant nourishment,
guidance on our paths, expanded minds,
understanding continually growing in largeness."

Following the ceremony, the celebrations began, with music and dance.

The start of the festivities

The celebration continues.
Some of the Festivites (that's Praetor Ji'ana dancing on the bar)

Thanks to all our friends and allies, particularly the large contingent from the Federation's 26th Fleet, for their attendance and their help in making this event memorable.  Even those who consumed rather copious amounts of Kheh'irho were impressed enough to have at least some memory of the event.

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