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Hfihar s'Charvon aefvadh irrah mollais

Hfihar s'Charvon aefvadh irrah mollais
Houseclan Charvon welcomes a new member

Karataia ir'Vastam t'Charvon has adopted a daughter, Llaiir, now Llaiir ir'Vastam t'Charvon.  The draeresam ih'Charvon iveissa'edhai (Charvon Rite of Adoption) was celebrated in the Seiyyasai ih'Hwael (Journey Ruins) on ch'Mol'Rihan on yestereve.

In the name of Oko-Mekh Lleiset, bear witness to this adoption,
and let it be known to all the Elements.

After the ceremony:  (Left to Right) Llaiir, Karataia, Ji'ana, and Galactica in heraldic colors of Hfihar s'Charvon

Draeresam ih'Charvon iveissa'edhai
(Charvon Observance of Adoption)

Karataia t'Charvon: Rihannsu u'Havrannsu, and guests, aefvadh.

Karataia t'Charvon: Tonight we take a moment from our endless vigil to remember why we stand it.

Karataia t'Charvon: Tonight's occasion is about one of the matters that all of us share in common.

Karataia t'Charvon: That is family.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Family is one of the most important things to us.  Extended family, in the form of the Hfihar, or Houseclan, forms the very foundation of our society.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Those who went on The Journey from Vulcan did so as families.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: During that exodus, however, many families were broken by disease and loss, and new families were made, both by marriage, and also by what brings us here tonight.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Veissa, or Adoption.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Adoption has a long history among our people. It was often used to bind two noble Houseclans together more closely.

Karataia t'Charvon: Or, as tonight, to take one without family, without a Houseclan, and give them one.

Karataia t'Charvon: The origin of Hfihar s'Charvon is lost in the mists of time, dating back to before the Exile.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: We have had a very long family tradition of military service in general, and Tal'Diann service in particular.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: We have also supplied Senators, Consuls, First Consuls, Proconsuls, and even Praetors to the old Imperial government before it fell into corruption.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: We have given an Emperor to the same government, and are closely related to another noble Hfihar which supplied an Empress who sought to reform the Star Empire when it first began to slouch into corruption.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Yet we have stepped away from any claim we might have on the Throne.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: As a wise old Vulcan once said, "Nobility lies in action, not in name."

Ji'ana t'Charvon: We have ever exerted ourselves to act in such a manner.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: At times, this has even required us to stand against our own government, in support of justice, and in support of the people.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Eventually, it required us to abandon that government entirely and help to start a new state for our people --

Ji'ana t'Charvon: A state which exists not for the wealthy alone, not for the fortunate alone, but for all the people of all the Houseclans --

Ji'ana t'Charvon: A state which guarantees freedom and liberty to those people.

Ji'ana t'Charvon and Karataia t'Charvon look to Llaiir.

Karataia t'Charvon: This is the legacy you are invited to join.

Karataia t'Charvon: This is the legacy which I offer to you, as Mother.

Llaiir: This is a legacy which I am honored to join, as Daughter.

Karataia motions Llaiir forward.

Karataia holds out a hand to Llaiir, asking for her hand.

Llaiir offers her hand to Karataia.

Galactica t'Charvon takes the chalice from the stone and hands it to Ji'ana.

Ophillia t'Prell comes forward with a bottle of kheh'irho ih'Liun and pours some of it into the chalice.

Karataia t'Charvon takes Llair's hand, draws her Honor Blade, and pricks Llaiir's left index finger.

Ji'ana t'Charvon holds the chalice under Llaiir's left hand.

Karataia t'Charvon then squeezes the index finger so that a drop of blood falls into the chalice, and then releases Llaiir's hand.

Karataia t'Charvon then pricks her own left index finger with he same Honor Blade, and squeezes a single drop of blood into the ale.

Ji'ana takes her own Honor Blade and pricks her own left index finger, squeezing a single drop of blood into the chalice.

Galactica t'Charvon uses her own Honor Blade to add a drop of her blood to the ale.

Ophillia t'Prell also uses her own Honor Blade to add a drop of her blood to the chalice.

Ji'ana t'Charvon lifts the chalice, swirls the contents around, raises it on high, then brings it back down.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: So our blood is mingled in this ale, so we shall now mingle it within ourselves.

Ji'ana t'Charvon passes the chalice to her daughter.

Karataia t'Charvon takes a drink, then passes it to her newly-adopted daughter.

Llaiir t'Charvon takes a drink, and then passes it to her new cousin Galactica.

Galactica takes a drink and passes it to Ophillia.

Ophillia takes a drink and hands the chalice back to Ji'ana.

Ji'ana drains the contents, then hands the chalice to Galactica.

Galactica replaces the chalice on the stone.

Karataia t'Charvon: Llaiir, with this you leave your origins behind, and come into our family.

Ji'ana t'Charvon: Your Adoptive Mother has acquired formal ih'Charvon robes for you.

Karataia t'Charvon takes a bundle of fabric from the stone and hands it over to Llaiir.

Llaiir takes the bundle of fabric.

Galactica drapes the robes over her.

Karataia t'Charvon: And with this, witnesses, I present to you my v-Paenhe, Llaiir ir'Vastam t'Charvon.

Galactica and Ophillia step back letting the three have the forefront.

Llaiir bows to the crowd.

Karataia: Thank you all for coming.

Ji'ana: In the name of Oko-Mekh Lleiset, bear witness to this adoption, and let it be known to all the Elements.

Karataia: Khnai'ru rhissiuy.  I thank you.

((Note:  Portions of this were borrowed entirely, with permission, from Peregry's ceremony for the adoption of Tel'iss, done in the holdings of the Federation's 26th Fleet.  The Historical Summary of Hfihar s'Charvon, however, is mine, as is the Blood-Sharing, and I created the words "veissa" -- from extant words in the Rihan language -- and iveissa'edhai, veissa'eri, and draeresam -- following the derivation rules in IRLI.))

Some of the Revelry after the Rite

Nviahrir Hfirh s'Charvon

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