Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ordinary or Extraordinary? Choose.


Do you wish to be ordinary,
or do your passions stir you to be extraordinary?

Would you like to swab the decks of a minor Federation vessel
on patrol in some backwater system?

How about being cannon fodder for the Klingon Empire
in a rusty and outdated battle cruiser,
does that sound like something worthy of those who march beneath the Raptor's Wings?

Do you relish being distrusted and exploited,
sent into battle and giving your lifeblood
in order to further the expansion of a foreign empire?

Do you yearn to be tolerated
as your cultural identity
is gradually erased and replaced
by programming in the sterility of uniformity
preferred by a foreign government which gives lip-service to diversity,
but fears diversity so much that it seeks to spread its own values throughout the galaxy?

Would you be a nail? Or would you be the hammer?
Would you be a ground-bound targ
grovelling at the feet of grasping and avaricious conquerors,
or would you be a Raptor soaring through the stars?
Would you spread the sanitized homogeneity of blandness,
or would you carry moonbeams home in a jar and be better off than you are?

Do you wish to be ordinary in the service of a foreign power,
or do your passions stir you to be extraordinary for your own people?

The Tal'Diann seeks the extraordinary to fill our ranks. Be extraordinary. Be Tal'Diann.


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