Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tal'Diann Armada and Tal-Diann Armada

The Tal'Diann (our KDF-allied main fleet) has established an Armada of fleets.  For the moment, our Beta fleets are Lasasam s'Tal'Diann (our Academy fleet) and Temchametor s'Tal'Diann (our Reserves).  We currently have no Gamma fleets in our Armada.

The Tal-Diann (our Fed-allied main fleet) has also established an Armada of fleets.  We have three Beta fleets in the Armada:  Lasasam s'Tal-Diann (our Academy fleet), Imperial Union of Planets (long-time allies from one of the Mirror Universes, headed up by the former Hmnial Fvillhum s'Tal-Diann, Aisha Vi Sato), and -Singularity Core- (another Romulan fleet).  We currently have no Gamma fleets in our Armada.

For both of these Armadas, we are seeking other fleets of the New Romulan Republic primarily, although some allowance may be made for other allies depending on their fleet cultures, goals, and allegiances.  Those interested may contact members of our Raenasa (High Command).

The Emblem of the Tal'Diann and the Tal-Diann

The Emblem of the Lasasam s'Tal'Diann and the Lasasam s'Tal-Diann

The Emblem of the Imperial Union of Planets

The Emblem of -Singularity Core-

The Emblem of Temchametor s'Tal'Diann

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