Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lakhraem Euhren u'Ouahhai (Defense of Planet and of System)

mh'Hnahfvierai Fvillhum s'Gessatra

na Rhihv:  Lakhraem Euhren u'Ouahhai
the Concern:  Defense of Planet and of System

My dear Proconsul,

Recent events have been fast and furious.  I need not brief you again on the what of those events.  What should be obvious, however, is that the orbital defenses of both Terrha and Krhonosh were woefully inadequate.  Both Earth Spacedock and the Qo'noS Orbital Shipyard were destroyed, in spite of patrols, active warships, and the armaments in the rubble of Praxis, to say nothing of the defenses of the shipyard itself, and all the various defenses in the Sol system.

By contrast, we have almost nothing in orbit around ch'Mol'Rihan.  A handful of small satellites, a transwarp gate, and whatever vessels happen to be in orbit at the time, some of which are not vessels of our Republic.  While that leaves little to be destroyed by a similar attack on our new homeworld, it does also leave no distraction for a foe like the Undine;  they would aim their planetkiller not at some orbital construct, but at our home itself.

We must rectify this situation at once!

Patrols of the system must immediately become regular and constant.  Orbital defenses must be constructed, maintained, armed, and staffed, ready at all times.  A station in orbit, or better yet, the Flotilla of the Republic itself, needs to be there to respond to any threat of such a nature.  Additional and upgraded weapons must be authorized for all personnel.

I will trust you to take this matter to the Deihuit, with the expediency and urgency necessary for a timely allocation of funds and the establishment of any programs necessary.


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